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Graduate Elizabeth Dissertation Hand in day standing outside the Globe
Elizabeth Moore studied Single Honours History at Newman University and is going on to study Early Modern MA at University of Oxford. We wanted to hear Elizabeth’s story.
I’ve had a passion for history for as long as I can remember

However, I chose the course at Newman because of the History Department and freedom their degree provides, allowing students to explore their interests. I remember speaking to the staff at an Open Day back in 2016 and the overwhelming impression I got from them was a love for their subject and a desire to help their students excel.

Newman’s programme also gives students the opportunity to explore as much history as possible. When looking at courses the range offered by such a small department is remarkable and I wanted the chance to tailor my education to my interests with the support I needed from my lecturers. I have not been disappointed!

I’m looking at academia in future

In 3-5 years I hope to study my PhD. I’m hoping to set up a career as a historian and research full time.

Newman provided me with the confidence I needed in myself to get where I am today


It’s almost a cliché to talk about the community feeling at Newman, but it’s mentioned so much because it’s true. The welcoming atmosphere and small community at the University, especially in the History Department, gave me the confidence and space to explore who I am academically. Without the support and encouragement, I got from my lecturers and fellow students I would never have dreamed of applying to Oxford and I owe a lot of my self-assurance from my time at Newman.

The library has to be my favourite! I spent most of my time on campus in the library and the resources there are fantastic. The library staff are always friendly and happy to help, and, while the collection is smaller than many other universities, I have had access to all the resources I’ve needed throughout the last three years through the library itself or the wonderful Inter-Library Loan scheme!

I loved the freedom to explore

My degree never felt limited and I was never told I couldn’t research a topic. I was given the opportunity to explore what I wanted to and tailor my modules to my own academic interests. The history lecturers really excel at allowing their students to express themselves throughout their modules and it was wonderful to have the freedom to explore what I wanted to.

The staff support I had at Newman went beyond my expectations

My lecturers were always ready to give advice and guidance as I asked for it. The small community at Newman allows all the lecturers to know their students across all three years, and not just build up a relationship with their dissertation supervisees. This enabled them to give personalised guidance and feedback which really helps their students develop.

However, it is not only the academic staff that are superb, the careers team, student support, and the library are all wonderful and ready to help students as soon as they need it. I couldn’t have survived my degree without them!

If you’re worried about university I would honestly recommend just going for it!

Newman is one of the most welcoming, supportive and friendly environments I’ve had the pleasure of studying in. I was anxious about coming to university myself, so much so that I was accepted at another institution and ended up turning them down because of my anxiety over large learning environments. However, I did accept my place at Newman, and it was the best decision I’ve ever made! Within a week or two I felt like I had been here forever and I’m sorry to leave. Everyone here wants you to succeed and have the best experience, both academically and socially, as possible.

I’ve noticed that the biggest anxiety people tend to feel is around the social side of university, and the best advice I can give is to put yourself out there. Newman’s societies are great places to meet new people, especially as a large portion of student commute in, and there are societies for everyone. Also, the small course sizes also means that you’ll get to know everyone on your degree programme and the friends I’ve made from History are friends I’ll have for life.

In my spare time I enjoy reading and playing the violin

I’m a big reader! I’m rarely found without a book in my hands. However, on the few occasions I can be dragged away from my current novel, I love to play my violin. It’s incredibly soothing and gives me a breather from my busy university life.

The main thing I liked to say is, my past three years at Newman have been the best in my life so far. I’ve had brilliant lectures, met some amazing people, and been given wonderful opportunities.



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