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Think you know Birmingham? Think again! We’ve got the lowdown on things to do in and around Birmingham… Birmingham is an exciting and culturally diverse city known as the second city with Europe’s youngest population, and more canals than Venice – that’s a great pub quiz fact!
Our Favourite things to do in and around Brum!
Where to do the Food Shop

Surrounding Newman there are a number of supermarkets and smaller convenience stores either a short walk or drive away.

One Stop is just round the corner from University if you wanted to pop out for a few essentials whilst ASDA is just a short 5-minute drive – for the larger shop.

Dining Out

There are a number of areas in and around Birmingham to enjoy a meal out for a range of different budgets.

In Birmingham City Centre you have the usual restaurants you see on a busy high street as well as plenty of independent restaurants.

From canal side Brindley Place to street food at Digbeth Dining Club, there is an amazing selection of restaurants, markets and events to go to, no matter what your preferred cuisine.


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Awesome article.

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Thanks Danny, we’re glad you liked it!

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