Top 5 tips on writing the perfect Personal Statement for university

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One of our students wanted to share tips he used for writing his personal statement before embarking on his journey to university.

Writing a personal statement can seem like one of the most difficult things to do. You think to yourself – what do I put in it? What do I leave out? I found myself thinking; am I good at anything? These are some of the questions that might run through your mind, but with my top 5 tips on writing the perfect Personal Statement, you will be well on your way to smashing that UCAS application!

1. Have a brainstorm

To begin with, spill everything out onto the page. Think about why you love your course so much, your hobbies and interests and your achievements and splash them all out onto the page. It is so easy to be shy and reserved, but this is your opportunity to shine. What makes you interesting? What would you like to do with your degree? All of these things are worth jotting down in your initial brainstorm. However, be prepared to narrow this later.

2. Streamline your brainstorm

You have a word limit, and now is the time for you to narrow your thoughts into what is most important. At this point, you have probably gone from not knowing what to say, to having too much on your page! Think about what will make you an asset to the course. Why are you different to everybody else? These are the things that universities will want to read about and will make you stand out from thousands of others.

3. Avoid clichés and flowery language

It’s so easy to fall into the trap of wanting to impress by using flowery phrases however, this will go completely unappreciated by universities. Use simple English but sell yourself with the content of what you are saying opposed to how you say it. Avoid using phrases like ‘ever since birth’ and ‘I’ve wanted to do this forever’ as these sorts of statements are seldom true.

4. Have a punchy intro and a memorable conclusion

Within the first two sentences, you want to have your reader hooked and wanting to know more about you. You could begin with the burning passion that makes you want to study this course (but don’t use ‘burning passion’ – read point 3!) To conclude, leave the reader with no doubts as to why you deserve a place at university. This is your last chance to really prove that you, more than anybody else, deserves a place on your desired course.

5. Just be you

While we can offer tips as to how to write a good personal statement, the truth is that just as every person is different, every personal statement is too. Make it shine with that little bit of you that nobody else can match. Universities aren’t looking for a formulated and robotic approach to writing, after all, you’re not a robot! Let your personality and passion for the subject shine through in your writing and you will impress for sure.


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