Top 10 Clearing tips to help you find the right course for you

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Clearing is often seen as a bit of a scary word, however, it really shouldn’t be viewed this way! Clearing provides a great opportunity for students who may have just missed out on their first choice university to find a course and a university to suit them.

If you need to make use of Clearing then you can follow our top 10 steps for success:

  1. Research

    If you are worried that you might need to use the Clearing system then ensure that you know which universities offer the course that you are hoping to study and what their entry requirements are. Trying to do this research on Results Day will only cause unnecessary stress. Make a note of how those universities are to be contacted: phone numbers; social media; live chat; direct messages etc.

  2. Be prepared

    Before you contact a university on Clearing day there are certain things you will need to have with you. You will need your UCAS ID, how many UCAS points you have, the subjects you studied and what type of qualification (A Levels/BTECs) as well as your best contact details. If you have all this information to hand, it will be easier.

  3. Contact universities as early as you can

    As soon as you know that you’ll need to make use of the Clearing system start contacting universities. The sooner you contact universities the sooner you can secure your place, relax and start preparing for university whilst enjoying the remainder of the summer.

  4. Don’t be afraid to ask questions

    Just because you weren’t able to secure your place at your first choice university or simply haven’t applied yet, don’t feel that you should just take whatever place you can get. You can still ask questions about the course and about the university to make sure it is the right choice for you.

  5. Keep an open mind

    There are numerous universities out there and just because you might not be as familiar with one doesn’t mean you should rule it out completely. If you’re less familiar with a particular university, do some research and find out if you can see yourself studying there.

  6. Visit the university

    If a university has a place for you then be sure to visit. You will never truly know what a university is like until you’ve stepped on campus and as you will be spending at least three years there, you need to make sure you are making the right decision.

  7. Speak to the right people

    If you are considering a university in Clearing, try and speak to as many people at that university as possible. Speak with the admissions team to find out about entry requirements, speak to the lecturers of your course about what the course entails, speak to current students about what it’s like to study there. Other people you might want to speak with are those in student support, the Students’ Union and accommodation.

  8. Tell the university why you should have a place

    Remember to blow your own trumpet! You should tell the university you’re looking to apply to why you’d be a great student and why you’d like to study there. Make notes beforehand so if you’re asked about why you want to study a course you have pointers to remind yourself; we’ve all been tongue tied before but remember the people on the other end of the phone are there to help.

  9. Remain calm

    Clearing does not need to be a stressful time. As long as you are prepared and remain calm you will get the end result you want. Panicking really doesn’t get you anywhere, remaining calm and thinking logically does!

  10. Celebrate gaining your place at university

    Once you have gained your place through Clearing, don’t forget to take some time to celebrate with friends and family! You have achieved a great thing by getting this far and gaining a place at university. Relax and have fun before studying begins again in September!



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