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Eating out can be expensive, especially if you’re a student on a budget. Student Anmbrin Amjid discusses some of the best Birmingham eateries with you. Food places that not only taste amazing, but are also affordable!

The Lucky Duck – 21 Caroline St, Birmingham B3 1UE

The Lucky Duck is perfect for those who love noodles, offering large portioned bowls full that will be sure to fill you up. The high-quality bowls range from £9-£10 and there are also gluten free noodles available for those who request them. Buns are also sold here at £4 each for the meat, or £3 for vegetable filled option. The bun can be also be swapped for fresh lettuce for a lighter bun or a gluten free option.

Baguette World – 16 Stephenson Pl, Birmingham B2 4PY

Baguette World is open from 9am to 5pm daily and is perfect for students on a budget, looking for a quick bite to eat. Be it on your way to lectures or when you fancy a quick lunch whilst passing through Birmingham City Centre. Offering a range of baguettes available to purchase from only 99p. Although there is no seating available in-store, it could provide the perfect opportunity to enjoy nature across Birmingham City Centre in the free public seating.

Wrap Chic – Bullring, Birmingham, B5 4BU

First opened in 2012, Wrap Chic is an Indian street food style eatery, offering a flavour filled experience for food on the go. There is also a seating area, should you prefer to eat inside. There is a variety of food that can be purchased from Wrap Chic, including a burrito priced at £4.75 for a small or, a 50p upgrade will get you a regular sized burrito. Wraposas’, are also offered here, they are a playful twist on the famous street food Samosas that will only cost you £3.95.

All food is fully customisable from the filling to the sauce and salad included in your meal. There is a total of 8 flavours which includes Chicken Muglai, Fish Malabari and Paneer Masala. There is also the option of a burrito bowl, for those who have a gluten intolerance or prefer a lighter lunch for £5.25.

German Doner Kebab 84 Bull St, Birmingham B4 6AB

German Doner Kebab offers a classic Kebab shop alternative that is not only better tasting, but a lot healthier. Offering options like the Doner Gym Box, which is only £5.49, the box includes doner meat and a portion of salad. There are also options such as the Original Doner Quesadilla for £5.99 and sides such as Cheesy Nacho Fries for £2.99.

Transforming a meat that is typically seen as unhealthy to a better quality and more versatile ingredient, it is definitely worth a try. German Doner Kebab also has an in-house seating and table service, should you choose to eat in.

Peach Garden 34 Ladywell Walk, Birmingham B5 4RX

Peach Garden is famous for its large portions and hearty food. This restaurant is probably not for the squeamish, as it’s no frills approach means that the meat sold is presented with bones in and the skin is left on the meat. But if you can get past this, you can enjoy a hearty plate of food that is guaranteed to fill you up. The dishes are very reasonably priced, most dishes ranging around the £5.50 mark. But speciality dishes such as the Triple Roast are sold at a slightly higher price of £7.20.

Peel and Stone – 374 High St, Birmingham B17 9PY

Peel and Stone is a specialist sandwich shop, that can be found underneath the railway bridge, in the Jewellery Quarter. Peel and Stone freshly bake slowly fermented bread daily, to bring out what they believe is the best flavour. The atmosphere of the café is chilled out and relaxed and they also offer a variety of different soups, salads and hot special dishes of the day. The prices vary from £3-£6 depending on what you purchase, and sandwiches are fully customisable. They tend to sell out of all sandwiches at lunch time, so you’ve got to get there earlier in the day if you want your pick of offerings.

Habaneros – Temple Row, Birmingham B2 5LS

Habaneros is a street food truck that is based outside of the park on Temple Row. The food truck offers ethically sourced ingredients and free-range meat. The offering includes a vast array of fresh ingredients with no added preservatives and additives. All the sauces are homemade by the staff, using chillies sourced and imported from Mexico. You can get a meal deal for £6.20, which includes a burrito, tortilla chips and a can of fizzy drink. There is a limited seating area outside the truck, but within closing walking distance away there is a park surrounding St Philip’s Cathedral, which has plenty of seating available.

Have you been to any delightful eateries that you’d like to share with us? Feel free to comment below. It’s always good to give our students additional options.


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