4 Tips on Managing your Health and Well-being at University

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Student Anmbrin shares 4 tips on managing your health and well-being while at university.

Finding and creating a work-life balance as a student is crucial in order to optimise your perfect student experience and achieve the best grades possible. If you’ve not found what works for you, continue reading and discover beneficial ideas you may be able to implement into your own personal and academic life.

Managing your workload

This can manifest in various ways depending on your study style. Some people may benefit from using a study timetable. Ensuring the necessary reading is done and keeping on track for larger projects using things such as a literature matrix to store texts that you have read and conflicting opinions.

Creating a balance at university is crucial in managing your well-being as it can prevent you from becoming overwhelmed and unable to cope. Putting a study timetable in place early on, with realistic smaller deadlines to meet every week can help break down larger tasks so they seem less overwhelming. All students receive weekly emails from the academic support staff offering a variety of topic based classes that can be attended free of charge.

Lean on those around you

Being honest with yourself and those around you about work commitments and other obligations and how much you can realistically manage is a crucial part of life. Self-reflection is a crucial part of education and being honest with yourself and your study habits is important. Sometimes it is not about how hard you work but how smart you work, finding ways to study that are effective for you can help manage stress and workload and also leave you with more time to do things you enjoy. No one will understand your situation more than those on your course, peers can help by reviewing your work.

Make time for what you enjoy

Stress management, books, reading, animal therapy. Finding strategies that work for you in education to help resolve and meet your needs and offer a way to relieve stress you may be feeling, is crucial. This is due to how demanding education may be, if nothing comes to you, or you are yet to find something you enjoy, try something new such as adult coloring or volunteering somewhere local to find what you enjoy whilst gaining valuable experience at the same time!

Nourish your body and mind with the right food and drinks

As tempting as it can be to gorge on unhealthy snacks and high caffeine drinks when you’re stressed, your brain may thank you for picking the healthier option from time to time. Going decaf on one of your coffees or picking a protein bar and fruit instead of a piece of cake can help you study for longer and sustain your energy levels to avoid crashing; this will then hopefully lead to more productivity.


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