Revising during the festive period

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Are you looking forward to the Christmas break but also feeling like you’re pushing the thought of January exams and assignments to the back of your mind?

Having to revise over Christmas may feel like you are punishing yourself and that you’d rather be doing anything else but.

Don’t worry! If you are prepared, you can enjoy Christmas, have a break AND feel prepared for January by using our tips below:

  1. Put a plan together whilst you are at university – away from temptations of turkey, tinsel and traditions put your study schedule together whilst you are still at university. If you go home knowing when you are free to see friends and family, it will be easier to stick to your revision plan and catch up with those around you when you have given yourself time off.
  2. Use long journeys to revise – if you have to travel over the Christmas period then make the most of these journeys by grabbing your books and notepads and reading over those key textbooks and making notes.
  3. Do not plan to work on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day or Boxing Day – if you are celebrating Christmas then planning to work on the main days of the holidays is only setting you up to fail. Allowing yourself days off at this time is more than acceptable and not something you should feel guilty about. Christmas Eve to Boxing Day is time best spent with friends and family, enjoying being home and relaxing.
  4. Little and often – sitting down for hours on end, day after day will more than likely result in you resenting the whole idea of studying and being at university. Revise little and often and you’ll probably find that you’ll take things in easier if you do so. Take breaks regularly to ensure you keep concentration levels to a maximum.
  5. Exercise and eat and drink well – make time to exercise to release those positive endorphins into your body which will make you feel happier and more productive. As well as this, it’s important to eat and drink healthy foods and drinks and not just the Christmas chocolates to ensure you are productive when revising!
  6. Read our revision tips and techniques blog to ensure you make the most of your time:

Most importantly, enjoy your break over Christmas and don’t panic about any assignments or exams, Newman is always here to support you.

Merry Christmas!


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