New Year’s Resolutions for Students

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Each year on the last day of December we make a promise to ourselves, that we will study more, go out less, eat healthier, attend the gym regularly… But by February most of these resolutions are broken.
We’ve listed 7 New Year’s Resolutions students should make and keep to.
Plan, plan and plan some more

Plan your study timetable well in advance. This will mean less stress for you when you have deadlines and you’ll be able to enjoy your time off without having to feel guilty that you’ve not done enough.

Leave more than a week to revise for exams

Leaving revision to the last minute is stressful, if you revise well in advance, you won’ feel as stressed last minute and may even get better results than cramming it all in last minute.

If you’re unsure about anything, don’t be afraid to ask

Don’t feel nervous or scared about asking your course tutors for help if you’re stuck on an assignment question or exam topic. They are here to help and want you to do well.

Do some recommended and further reading

When you plan in advance, you have the time to do further reading which will help with your studies. Make use of the library.

Participate more during class

Try to get involved in class discussions more, this will help to develop your confidence which is a great skill for you to have for future.

Join societies

The Student’s Union has a wide range of societies you can join. Mingling with others and doing what you enjoy is never a bad thing.

Take some time-out

Yes it’s important to study but your health and well-being is important too. Take some time-out whether that’s reading a good book, meditating or going out for lunch with friends – whatever you enjoy doing.

What resolutions will you be keeping next year?


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