Open Days are ideal opportunities for you to come and speak with staff to find out more about the exciting opportunities that are on offer at Newman, and to see our facilities. Senior Student Recruitment Manager David, gives you top tips on making the most out of an Open Day.

Newman University’s Open Days take place across the year and 2020 dates include:

  • Monday 10 February – Counselling and Psychotherapy Open Evening (5.30pm – 8pm)
  • Saturday 7 March (10am – 3pm)
  • Wednesday 10 June (4pm – 8pm)
  • Saturday 4 July (10am – 3pm)
  • Saturday 10 October (10am – 3pm)
  • Saturday 7 November (10am – 3pm)

To make the most of the day, preparation is key! Before the Open Day you should :

1. Prepare key questions

Have a think about what you want to know and ask questions to help you compare all of your options later. You may want to ask questions about your specific course, or find out more about the university itself.

  • What are your entry requirements?
  • How is the course taught?
  • You may have specific questions about topics or units within a course
  • How employable are your degrees?
  • What kind of jobs do graduates from this course go on to do?
  • What’s the social life like? What opportunities lie within the Student’s Union?
  • What Foundation pathways are available?

Remember….there are no silly questions!

The team are on hand to answer your questions, no matter how big or small.

A successful open day trip is all about the preparation. Plan ahead by:

  • Getting a feel for the layout of the campus – thoroughly read any information sent out in advance
  • Checking how you are going to get here – if you’re getting the train, how far is it from the station? Do you need to check local bus information? If you’re travelling by car, check out the excellent links to the road and motorway infrastructure!
  • Getting a rough plan together for your day – book anything you need to in advance e.g. accommodation if you’re staying in the area overnight
  • Pre-booking train tickets if you’re going by train – buying on the day is often more expensive

During the Open Day:

What to bring with you….

  • Open Day Guide
  • Phone / Camera
  • Portable charger
  • Someone else! A second opinion can be helpful.

Don’t worry about bringing a bag – we will give you a fabulous Newman tote bag and also a voucher for a free Starbucks at our on campus café!

What you should take a look at during the day….

2. Take tours

There will be tours that you can book onto during our Open Days. Tour guides can show you around the campus, departments and our accommodation options. This will allow you to see what the university is like first-hand.

3. Attend talks

There will be exciting presentations that you can attend throughout our Open Days. There will be talks about the university alongside department and course talks, plus information from our Students Union, and also on important parts of the UCAS process.

4. Explore campus and the city

Take a look at what facilities there are. This includes educational facilities such as libraries and study areas, social facilities such as restaurants and bars, the Students’ Union, and sports facilities. Try and see as much of the university as possible.

Also, if you have the time, visit the local town or city. As a student you will not be spending all your time on campus, so check out if the surrounding area will keep you entertained.

After the Open Day…

Things don’t end when you leave the campus. Follow these few tips to make sure those memories don’t fade and get caught together with other university open days…

  • Look through your photos.
  • Consider booking another visit. If you’re on the fence, this could help you make a decision either way. We have monthly campus tours that you are welcome to join.
  • Follow up with anyone you met. Whether they were a course tutor or a member of the support services team we welcome any questions you have for us at the university.