UCAS decision deadline dates to put in your calendar

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Senior Recruitment Manager David, gives you the key UCAS decision deadline dates.

When you receive your last decision from your UCAS application you will then need to begin to make decisions regarding your final choices. By this point you will have no doubt attended Open Days and Applicant Visit Days to firm up decisions you may wish to make regarding your future.

Your Firm and Insurance options are recorded in UCAS Track.

What are Firm and Insurance choices?


This is your first choice – the university and course that you most want to go to. If you accept a conditional offer and meet the conditions, you’ll have a confirmed place here.


This is the choice you’d want to attend if you didn’t meet the conditions of your firm choice. If this is a conditional offer, you’d need to meet the conditions for your place to be confirmed.

Depending on when you receive your final offer by you will have a deadline as to when you will need to make your reply by :

Reply dates

These are based on when UCAS get the last decision in from your choices. Check Track to see your personal deadline.​

  • If you receive your last decision on or before 20 May 2021, your reply date is 10 June 2021(except if you’re using Extra to find a place).
  • If you receive your last decision on or before 13 July 2021, your reply date is 14 July 2021(including Extra choices)