Studies in Primary Education student Charlotte, shares tips on how to stay organised and stress-free at university by writing in a journal.

Most people carry the belief that journaling is much like having a diary, a place to write what they did that day, how they felt and whoever they’re crushing on. Let me change your mind with prompts I use in my own journal…

How do you feel?

Yes, this totally contradicts my introduction but I promise this isn’t the same. Sometimes you have a bad day and just need to get things off your chest, writing down what happened and why it made you so mad can be helpful. When I have a bad day, I find it useful to vent all my frustrations out in my journal before a study session to clear my mind.

However, it doesn’t always have to be the bad things that happen that you include in your journal, sometimes it’s rewarding to write about the good things you did that day, the test you passed after worrying you wouldn’t, or a good day out with your friends.

Get yourself organised

Green planner in box

Another use for journaling is getting your time and thoughts organised. Sometimes I have several different things I need to do and when writing assignments or revising, I’m distracted by the other things I also need to do. A way of stopping this is by writing a list of different things I need to get done on a page in my journal and cross off each one I’ve done as I finish. It’s so rewarding when you finish the page.

What’s your goal for today / this week / this month?

Sometimes in the stress and chaos of work, it feels like I’m getting nowhere. One way I feel I’m getting things done is writing down my goal for that day, week or month. Each goal I complete makes me feel accomplished and less stuck doing the same thing, getting nowhere.

What do I have to do today?

My final point is a journal can be used to keep track of what you have to do. I usually do this every month drawing out a table of each day and adding deadlines I need to meet, get-togethers with friends, events that are going to happen that I would like to attend and when there’s a series on Netflix I want to watch. This way I know what’s going on each day and where I need to be, but also leaving social events on so I don’t feel like I’m studying constantly.

2019 diary

Overall journaling can be very helpful to cope with university and everyday life as well as to ensure you remain organised. It can be a way to unload emotions. Each journal is unique to each person and the stage of life they are in; my high school journals are very different from my college and university ones and reading them back can be very nostalgic and remind me how far I’ve come in my goal to become a teacher. Not only is each journal different per person, but each person has a different style and all the photos included in this show different types, sizes and styles that are out there, it’s worth a try!