Living in student accommodation at Newman University

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Student's room
For my first year at Newman University, I decided to live in student accommodation. During this time I lived in one of the old halls (Maryvale) and shared a kitchen and bathroom. Living on-site has been so useful as accommodation is a part of the main campus and basically all classrooms are about a 5-minute walk away at most, which means sleeping in! There is also the One Stop next to campus for basic shopping and an Asda about 20 minutes away for bigger shops.


In my first semester, I shared with 3 girls and my second with 2. They were all Erasmus students so it was fascinating to hear the different languages they spoke. In accommodation, you’re placed with students from different courses which means most of the time when your showering or eating you don’t get in each other’s way.

The perks of accommodation

There are also many social spaces and events available for students to go to. To start off with there’s freshers week, where the uni holds parties in the bar, organises buses to bars and clubs in Birmingham and film nights. There are also events during the week for example, recently on a Wednesday night, the bar has been open for students in accommodation to go down to have a drink and relax. Also, the library is open all hours of the day for studying if your room gets you distracted. All accommodation students get a free gym membership through the time of their contract which can be useful as that is also based on campus and is only a 2 minute walk away from all accommodation. All the rooms are a nice size with good storage for university work along with personal things and allow you to get away from others to have some time to yourself.

The staff

The staff associated with halls are amazing. All the cleaners are friendly and always say hello when visiting halls. Karen and Stella down in the offices can sort any problems you face through a simple email or you can go down for a face-to-face chat. There’s also an after-hours phone number for any problems you have on a night when others have gone home so you are never alone if there’s an issue.

My experience

I am so happy I chose to live in accommodation for my first year as it gave me the independence I wanted and made settling into the difference of university to college easy. Having my own space made doing work so much easier removing distractions while also meaning I only had to leave the room to talk to others or go down to the bar to get together with friends. Also, the guest rules mean sometimes my friends from elsewhere can come to visit and stay the night.

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