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Now that you won’t be on campus for a while, you might find yourself with free time. How about binge watching some comedies? Or getting lost in fantasy and sci-fi? Here are some shows that can fill your time:
  • Friday night dinner (Season 6 out soon) This follows a Jewish family attempting to have their Friday night dinner whilst dealing with bizarre family fights and strange neighbors popping in as often as possible.
  • The Good place. (4 seasons, 51 episodes overall) This follows a group who find themselves in the afterlife, ‘heaven’ more specifically. The characters try to define what is ‘good’ and why they deserve the be there. From one of the Brooklyn nine-nine creators, Mike Schur.
  • Brooklyn nine-nine (Season 7 premiered this year) A group of strange but hilarious detectives in New York battling crimes. The main character is a childish yet witty detective who constantly pulls pranks and makes jokes at his colleagues’ expense.
  • It’s always sunny in Philadelphia (Season 14 premiered last year) Five friends who are some of the most selfish and egotistical characters on television running a bar and cooking up terrible schemes to get ahead in life, often failing miserably.

Fantasy/ Sci-fi

  • The Witcher (1 Season currently, season 2 has been confirmed) Based off the successful books and games of the same name, the story follows a monster hunter who struggles to find his place in society. He meets a large group of interesting characters including a powerful sorceress and a chatty bard who will follow him anywhere.
  • Stranger things (Season 4 is in production) Set in the 1980’s and full of nostalgic references. It follows a group of children who are trying to find their missing friend and instead, find a little girl with strange powers and an even stranger backstory.
  • Umbrella academy (Season 2 is in production) A dysfunctional family of superheroes who are forced to work together in order to solve a mysterious death and prevent the world from ending.
  • Chilling adventures of Sabrina (Part 2 premiered this year) A new darker take on the 1990’s comedy ‘Sabrina the teenage witch’ and based upon an Archie comic. It follows Sabrina, a half-witch, half-mortal battling evil forces.
  • Lucifer (Season 5 is in production) The original fallen angel Lucifer grows bored as the Lord of hell and decides to get a better understanding and help humanity by moving to Los Angeles and owning a nightclub.


  • Peaky blinders (Season 6 is in production) Following a gangster family in Birmingham 1919, based on a real gang from our history. The show centres on Tommy Shelby, their ambitious leader.
  • The crown (Season 4 is in production) This show focuses on our own Queen, Elizabeth II, throughout her royal life. A dramatisation of what happened behind palace doors during the twentieth century.
  • Killing Eve (Season 3 is in production) Two women; one, a smart and hardworking M16 operative (Eve); the other, a psychopathic but clever assassin (Villanelle). Eve is tasked with finding Villanelle and an obsessive chase begins.
  • The stranger (1 Season, 8 episodes) Seemingly innocent suburban families are rocked as their dark secrets are exposed by a stranger with seemingly no rhyme or reason to begin with.
Shows you might have missed the first time:
  • Merlin (5 Seasons, 65 episodes) An entertaining re-imagining of the legend of King Arthur, we follow a young Merlin who enters Camelot and must hide his magic whilst trying to keep Arthur safe under the orders of dragon.
  • Torchwood (4 Seasons, 41 episodes) Fans of Doctor Who may enjoy this spin off which follows Captain Jack Harkness and his Torchwood organisation, a secret investigation group that battle monsters within Cardiff.
  • Inbetweeners (3 seasons, 18 episodes and 2 movies) A comedy revolving around a group of teenage boys in sixth form who are only just above the lowest of their social ladder and their failings with women, alcohol and any scheme they come up with to try and rise their social status.
  • Sherlock (4 seasons, 13 episodes) A modern adaptation of the Sherlock Holmes novels. Involving an eccentric but fascinatingly brilliant detective solving almost impossible cases with the help of the ever-loyal John Watson in London. Includes an equally eccentric nemesis in the form of Moriarty.

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