Why is Easter celebrated and what can we do this year to celebrate?

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ITE Student Hafsah, gives her opinion on what Easter is and what can be done this year to celebrate.
Background of Easter: what is it?

The most important festivals to date for the Christian Church, Easter marks the resurrection of Jesus after he was killed on the cross on Good Friday. By dying on the cross, Jesus shows that while our mortal bodies die, there is the promise of eternal life, that Death no longer has the final say. The belief of Easter is that love defeats hate, hope defeats fear, sacrifice defeats greed, mercy defeats might and life defeats death.

Ins and outs of Good Friday

The Easter ceremonies happen across three days, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday (which often starts at sunset on the Saturday night).

Maundy Thursday, is when Christinas remember Jesus’ last meal with his followers, and in doing so give Christians a model of sharing ‘Eucharist’ to follow.

Good Friday is known as the Friday that occurs before Easter Sunday and is commemorated by Christians as they recall the day that Jesus was apprehended, sent for trial and eventually crucified. Having being recognised as a public holiday in some, however not all countries, many Christians are able to observe the anniversary by fasting, attending church, and even re-enacting the event.

Easter Sunday, is the day that makes sense of all the others, as this is the celebrations of Jesus’ resurrection from the dead, giving the promise of new life and the hope that love overcomes all.

How to get Children involved?

Children are often taught the history of Easter and the story of crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus by their teachers or parents, but it’s important to always keep them involved in the festivities that are present. Usually, you can take them to church to get involved with performances or arts such as undertaking a role in a play that tells the story of Easter or take them to workshops to create little baskets where they can place little chocolate eggs (eggs of course being symbols of new life and chocolate a sign that the fasting of Lent has finished) in. And of course there is always the fun of creating your own Easter egg hunt where your children and their friends can search different areas for chocolate eggs.

What about this year?

This is a strange time and it is likely that this year’s Easter ceremonies will be held online, as churches along with other public places close their doors. This of course will change how people participate in them as Churches live-stream their liturgies and acts or worship.

The Chaplaincy

At Newman university a chaplaincy is available for students to attend at any time where morning prayers, mass and group meetings are held. They have offered us this link to Churches with online streams. If you have any enquiries as to what events will be held in regards to Easter Sunday and Good Friday, please do not hesitate to email Margret Holland at m.holland@newman.ac.uk.

– Hafsah Ali –

What are you doing for Easter this year? We’d love to hear all about it, feel free to comment below.


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