Exercising during lockdown

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PT Dom working out
It’s important to keep active especially during lockdown, when we aren’t getting the steps in that we usually would. So we’ve put together some exercises you can do whilst at home.
Workout at home with Joe Wicks

Joe Wicks has a range of home workout exercise videos which you can subscribe to. Here is a 15 minute home fat burner workout video that you might find useful.

The Body Coach daily 9am videos

Short high intensity workouts to suit individual needs.

Zumba Wii Fit workouts

You don’t need a Wii Fit to do these fun dance moves. Head to YouTube where you’ll find different types of dances and songs to choose from!

Daily dance workout videos by ex Strictly Come Dancing professionals

Ex Strictly Come Dancing professionals run an exercise class called Fit Steps on YouTube. So if you’re into dancing, then these classes might be perfect for you. Choose from a range of ballroom dancing exercises.


A strength, flexibility and mind-body awareness exercise. Yoga is great for keeping you calm and allowing you to stay flexible and strong without adding pressure to your joints. There are plenty of videos you can watch online.

Live steaming of regular exercise videos

If you want to feel as though you are part of a class without physically being there, then The Active Wellbeing Society are livestreaming regular exercises daily on Facebook.

Exercise forums

There are numerous exercise forums that you can sign up for, to get advice and tips from other people. Just type in ‘Exercise forums’ on Google.

Self-care, psychological needs and routines video

You can also check out Senior Lecturer in Sport and Health Dr Mark Holland’s video that he’s put together to help support your physical and mental health.

3 times per week Newman University Sports live exercise videos

Newman University Sports Facilities Team Leader Dom and Sports Facilities Officer James are running Facebook live exercise sessions for people to take part in at home.

The timetable for the free live sessions is as follows:

Mondays: Home workout with Dom

  • Beginners 5:30pm-6:00pm
  • Intermediate-advanced 6pm-6.30pm

Thursdays: Home workout with James

  • All abilities 5:30pm-6:00pm

Fridays: Abs with Dom

  • Beginners 5:30pm-5:50pm
  • Intermediate-advanced 5:50pm-6:10pm
What types of exercises are you doing? We’d love to hear, feel free to comment below.