Board games to keep you entertained during lockdown

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Monopoly board game
Board games are an often-forgotten pastime, but during this lockdown, they may save you from losing your mind to sheer boredom. Here are some of the best classic board games to play with the people you’re locked up with.

1) Monopoly: An obvious choice for some, Monopoly is a game that seems to never end so it should keep you busy for a while as long as someone doesn’t flip the board. Be warned, this game may ruin friendships and break families!

2) Cluedo: Ironically, this game can help prevent you from hurting each other whilst stuck in isolation! This game can instead bring families together whilst you battle to solve the crime first.

3) The game of life: A fun game where you can do everything that is currently banned, including go to university or work if you happen to miss that. If not, you can just make all the fun choices and see where it gets you.

4) Trivial pursuit: Whether you play the family edition or the original, this is another game that can keep you occupied for a while and can be quite competitive. During this you can either learn new facts or prove that you are the smartest of your household.

5) Logo: Another easy game for everyone to join in with. The clue is in the name as this involves using various logos as themes for questions. Similar to Trivial Pursuit, but slightly easier which is good if you are like me and always lose at Trivial Pursuit.

6) Battleship: An easy war themed game for everyone to play. It can even be drawn up in paper form if you don’t have the board. Requiring a mixture of skill or luck anyone can win!

I hope you find this list useful and decide to try out some of the games mentioned here. Board games can be a way to keep the family smiling and entertained during these uncertain times so it’s worth a try! Of course, if all else fails you can always just dig out an old pack of cards.
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