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Victoria Morton studied PGCE General Primary Teaching here at Newman University and went onto graduate in 2016. She tells her story of why she chose this course and what she has gone on to do since.

After working as a graphic designer and being made redundant twice I decided to change paths and work in admin until I decided what to do next. I finally decided to begin a new career in Primary Teaching in local schools and volunteered for over a year to gain experience, I wanted to work with young children and inspire and motivate them.

I am now teaching part-time in Primary Education

My focus is on foundation subjects such as art, design, music and science. My plans changed as I now work part-time as a published children’s book author and illustrator who creates books for teachers and parents to help teach children about kindness. I am using both my skills in graphic design and my teaching to aid my writing career and vice versa. My teaching also benefits greatly from my writing.

I have worked in many different roles in my life, such as; Tour Guide, Waitress, Model, Barista, Receptionist, Graphic Designer and many more

I believe this life experience helped me find out what I really wanted to do, it took a lot of searching, but I eventually retrained at Newman University and found my place in the world, in teaching and in writing/ Illustrating.

I will definitely be staying in my dual career for a very long time, and I gain a lot of fulfilment from them both. I am currently looking in to studying a Masters in the future, so who knows where I will end up in the future?!

My advice to students graduating this year is to keep an open mind about the direction in which you are headed

Don’t feel like you have to rush decisions. Please make sure you choose your employer wisely as some work cultures can be toxic, when you visit a company prior to an interview, ask staff how long they have worked there and how happy they are. I have even asked staff on the front desk to get an idea of the type of workplace it is. It is a hard job, you don’t want to be spending all your energy in a negative work environment. If you find a nice company, have fun and make sure you have a break during the day!

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