Activities to do during this bank holiday whilst on lockdown

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During this hard and unusual time, you may be struggling for ways to keep your mind occupied. Below I offer suggestions for activities to partake in during this isolation period. This is a tricky period for everyone, so balance between different activities is key.

Daily exercise is a great way to both keep fit, pass the time and engage in a routine for mental stimulation. Alongside the benefits to your health, just 30 minutes of the many live exercise groups currently available offer great benefits to mental health. Engaging with others, such as friends or family, can help keep us all connected during this unusual time. Also-during lockdown-up to an hour’s exercise is permitted. You could take somebody you live with to complete a walk, or run or a cycle around a local park or neighbourhood route (with social distancing measures considered). Making use of YouTube, or group video calls, using music videos or exercise videos has proven another effective way to remain fit and healthy while being indoors or outside in the garden and engaging with friends or family.

Movies and Games

Using the Disney + app, Now TV, Netflix or any other streaming platforms is a great way to watch series or movies and engage with friends or family. Both Netflix and Now TV offer hundreds of movies and series to watch during isolation. Disney + has fantastic movies and shows to watch also!

Playing board games, such as ‘Frustration’, ‘Monopoly’ and ‘Cluedo’ if you live at home or with others is another great way to engage in activities over the weekend

Further suggestions are painting, writing or drawing. These activities also provide fantastic mental stimulation for both adults and children and can be done together.

Remaining in touch with family and friends

To remain in contact with friends and family, there are many simple ways to keep in touch and stay safe. FaceTime and regular phone calls being the obvious ones. There are also apps, social media platforms and online games such as ‘’. There are many online social media platforms to remain connected. Set up a Facebook group with your friends and encourage daily conversation or play online games! This will aid engagement and help break up the day over the bank holiday!

There are also many Facebook and Twitter groups that the University and its dedicated staff members have set up to help support students and keep conversations between staff and students open! There are also Newman group chats that you can request to get involved in.

This is also an ideal time to learn a new skill or pick up an old hobby perhaps. Learning a new language via Duolingo app, or heading to, where you can learn something new and make use of the time indoors! Don’t forget, exercise is important! Newman University’s dedicated sports staff host live exercise classes!

I hope these suggestions are useful, have fun and stay safe!

– Daniel Arnold –


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