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Saleha tells us all about her experience of studying at Newman University.

“I heard about Newman University from workshops that I had at my previous College. I found the enrolment process easy.

“I study Working with Children, Young People and Families BA (Hons)

“The reason why I chose to study this course is because I want to become a Social Worker. This is because of my past experiences and at the time, no one supported me, so I want to support others. Initially Newman University wasn’t my first choice however, during lockdown my Head of Year asked me how I am doing and how lockdown is going because 2020 has been a difficult time for all of us and I told her about my medical needs and mental health needs.  She referred me to the appropriate staff members at Newman University who deal with this on a daily basis.

“Before I even became a student and got my results the student support was amazing to me

“And I can’t thank them enough. They helped me through so much and even though I was not a student, they still helped me so much and I can’t thank them enough for that. I want to thank Becky, Lynne, Heather and Claire for being amazing towards me before I even started studying at Newman University. I can’t thank them enough, the student support has just been amazing, because in my previous education settings I never got the help I needed and I felt I was discriminated against.  I felt I wouldn’t be accepted onto at a course at uni whereas Newman accepted me for who I am.

“On my UCAS application, my first choice was Wolverhampton and my second choice was Newman University, but because Newman University staff had been so amazing to me, I decided to call UCAS and said I want to change and I want Newman University to come first and Wolverhampton second, because the staff at Newman University are extraordinary and just amazing and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

“I enjoy Newman University because the staff are very friendly and nice

“And also students are very nice and friendly. My favourite facility is The Atrium by Starbucks because I can do my assignments there and study and the view is wonderful.

“My advice to someone who is considering studying at Newman University is that it is okay to be anxious because that’s a normal feeling

“Because when I first started at Newman University, I was quite anxious and nervous that I wouldn’t make any friends especially during these difficult times. However, the second and third year students have been amazing to me and I joined the Students’ Union and am trying to get involved with things, so my advice to you would be to try to get involved in as much as you can and try getting out of your comfort zone even if it’s scary. Because let me tell you something, Newman staff and students are very friendly and they will help you get through it.

“When I graduate, I would like to go on to do my master’s, studying social work because in the future I want to become a social worker and help young people and children because I’ve had a passion for this since I was a child.

“In my spare time I like to volunteer because I love to help people and by me helping someone and making a difference, it feels amazing and like I’m making a change.

“I would like to add for people who are reading my story to not choose a university because it’s big or fancy. Choose a university that you feel drawn to and you feel like that they can meet your needs and from personal experiences I say choose Newman University if they do your course. I think you would love it here because at Newman University staff know you by your name, it feels like a community, I just cannot thank Newman University enough.

“Thank you for everything Newman University and I’m glad that I am part of your family. Even though I am studying from home some of the time, Newman still makes the university experience lovable and enjoyable.”

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