In the Words of Physical Education and Sports Studies Alumni James Moore

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Alumni James Moore
I studied Single Honours Physical Education and Sports Studies at Newman University between 2005-2008, the reason for choosing this course was I felt it had a broad combination of subject units that would allow me to experience a range of professional fields, from physical education teaching, sport science and nutrition.

What I enjoyed about studying at Newman

The friends I made at Newman I still have contact with today, we had such a tight knit group, everyone supported each other. The staff were also amazing, learning from the likes of Dr Mark Lyons, Dr Michael Duncan and Dr Tony Myers was a pleasure.

The staff had an open door policy, they always had time to help and support you as a student, their communication and response was quick and detailed.

My advice to someone who is considering studying at Newman University but is anxious

The campus has changed since I was studying at Newman, but the facilities look amazing, the gym, 4G and the sports hall have had a massive upgrade, so once it is safe to do so, go along to an Open Day and see the campus and talk to the staff – they really are experts in their field.

I’m currently Lead Lecturer in the Sports and Exercise Science BTEC level 3 course at Sandwell College

I also run my own fitness and nutrition business working with professional athletes on a consultation basis.

After graduating I got onto an internship with Watford football club…

working with their academy and first team, around this time I was coaching in the community with local schools while doing a PT qualification. From this, I went onto Lincoln City FC as the fitness coach and then onto do an MSc in strength and conditioning.

I have also worked as a Sports Scientist and Strength and Conditioning Coach at Birmingham City Ladies W.F.C. and Aston Villa Women’s FC, and as a Strength and Conditioning / Nutritionist at Notts County F.C.

I have lectured at a number of colleges where I currently lead the BTEC level 3 extended diploma in sport and exercise science where I have been tasked to bridge the gap bringing the theory into practice. Furthermore, I have also completed a DTLLS teaching qualification and a PgCert in Performance Nutrition.

My biggest achievements to date are…

There have been a few, working in professional football was a dream and still is a dream I continue to pursue. Working in professional TKD as a Nutritionist and Strength and Conditioning Coach helping Taylor Smith to world silver medal is a really proud moment. Achieving a master’s degree and part of another. Forging a career that was a hobby and interest and enjoying learning, seeking answers and using evidence informed practice that allows me to relay this attitude to my current students.

In my spare time I enjoy doing research in areas of sport science, nutrition and strength and conditioning, I also run and weight lift and have completed 3 half marathons the last 2 years!

A piece of advice I’d like to give you

I know times are tough at the moment and the situation is unprecedented, but think of the long game, your reasons why you’re looking to go to university or not, don’t let your decisions be based on the next few months or next few years, think in 5-10 years’ time. Will you be in a better place then doing a degree you enjoyed then not doing anything?


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