Preparing for interviews – part-time work

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Congratulations on being invited to an interview! You have impressed the employer with your application and they think you can do the job. Now you need to prove it.

Top tip

A top tip is to find out as much as possible about the format of the interview so that you are clear about what to expect and how to prepare. Ensure you have the contact details of the appropriate person to ask these questions to, and if necessary double check the time, date and location. If you can, organise an informal visit to your potential work place to have a look around and get a feel for the culture and ethos of the company. Speak to someone in the existing team and find out what your job might involve. Look on the company website / social media pages to find out as much as you can.

Prepare for the day

Now to prepare for the day, you are likely to be asked about your work experience. If you do not have any formal work experience don’t worry, think about skills and attributes you have that you can bring to the role. For example are you friendly? Do you have good organisation and time keeping skills? Do you work well in a team and communicate well? Think of some ways that you demonstrate these skills from your studies, hobbies or interests and talk about this with the employer. When providing examples use the STAR technique to ensure they are clear and concise. You might be asked scenario questions which ask you to explain how you would deal with a particular situation. Think about what the employer will want to assess from this and answer professionally. If you are asked about what you like to do in your spare time keep the conversation professional and pick out the skills that these activities develop and demonstrate.

Be reliable and flexible

Employers offering part-time work will be looking for reliability and flexibility. Ensure you have communicated this before you leave, the more flexible you are the better. The employer will feel confident they can call you for help at short notice to keep the business moving.

Develop essential skills

Finally, part-time work is not just a ‘job’ to fill in the time. You will be developing essential skills and networking with people who can help you step up to your long term career goal. It is important to form a good impression and working relationship with everyone you meet, as you never know when you might meet them again during your career or when you might require an endorsement from them for future opportunities.

Good luck with your interview and remember the Newman Careers Service is here to help with more tips and advice about how to be successful. Visit your My Career account to book an appointment or find out about forthcoming workshops. For further questions about interviews email


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