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While studying and having to balance assignments, coursework, exams, presentation and maybe practical assessments it can hard to consider the future and the next steps on your path. Doing your postgraduate course may make this even harder as you are so immersed in your chosen topic. But, we give you this short piece to outline the benefit of considering next steps when studying, what we both have gone on to do after finishing our masters course and how Newman can help support you in your unique path.

Your next steps.

The benefits of planning for your next steps after your finish your course can be to give you an increased motivation to study. Your aims to reach your chosen opportunity after the course will ignite your passion in both the good and difficult times. This is not us saying you need to plan your life in detail day by day and know for certain what you want to do next. We have had great advice that it can be useful to not know fully what you aim to do next as it keeps you aware of all the possibilities out there. Then, it can be up to you to funnel down the possibilities into your desired choice.

Our paths after the MRes Humanities.

Both of us did the MRes Humanities last year but we both have had different paths to get into our roles currently. It is worth us breaking down what we did:



“I am a School Outreach Hub Assistant for Halesowen College. I aim to support schools across the West Midlands by helping their students prepare for college and their future options. Doing my masters helped me to realise the importance of building communication and how to overcome adversity as both Wesley and me had to do the second half of our course during lockdown and covid restrictions. I also learnt that even though my masters is in History I do not have to just pursue roles in this area, my masters develops wider skills that can be used in any job sector. My process for getting this job after I completed my masters began with researching websites to filter down areas I was interested in. I found Halesowen and had to prepare a presentation which I delivered at the interview. I feel my learning in my masters helped with this preparation because the modules developed my skills of being clear, concise and engaging about my area of research. I hope to keep supporting young people I this role and help them in their future learning journey.”



“I am now in a widening participation role for Newman University and Aimhigher West Midlands, working with year 9 to 13 students to help them make informed decisions about their future. My aim is to also make the prospect of higher education a choice for all students. My masters made me realise the importance of how working with people through drama and the arts, as well as through mentoring, can create beneficial relationships and allow both mentor and mentee, actor and audience or staff and student reach their aims together. I had interviews throughout my masters and was unsuccessful in outreach jobs, a PhD application and a mentor role. However, doing these interviews while studying helped keep me going and trusting I will find the role for me. So, I did not get this role for Newman until a month after I finished my masters. I know that doing all those other interviews helped shape my direction and motivate me to keep trying to pursue my goals of working with people of all ages in the arts and in mentoring.”

How Newman will help.

The help you can get with considering your future is vast. You may only use one or all of these avenues but finding support mechanisms helps direct you to where you need to go:

Careers Team – this team are there while studying and for 3 years after you graduate to offer you support to find your goals. They have the My Career online hub too to search opportunities as well as running workshops. We would say look on the Intranet or email careers ( if you need to find out more information.

Mentoring – this mentoring scheme we are part of hopes to help you work with ourselves or other current student mentors to help you while studying and for your future. This may offer a peer support network for you.

Tutors – your lecturers and tutors are also there to help you decide on the future. Our lecturers in Drama and History respectively were excellent at inspiring us to try out opportunities and to suggest ideas for after our masters.

We hope this piece gives you inspiration to explore what path you aim to take after your masters. With covid-19 still present and hindering opportunities it can be tough. But, by doing this postgraduate course you are proving you are capable of taking steps in your path and you can keep moving along.


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