Happy Easter!

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On Sunday we will celebrate, in what ever way fits, Easter Sunday. I’m already seeing notices for Easter Egg hunts in my local park, and in the spirit of full disclosure I have my own Easter Egg ready for me.

Easter Sunday is I believe the most significant feast in the Christian calendar. It is the day when Jesus, who we celebrate becoming human every Christmas, reveals his divinity. Having lived, served, enjoyed good food and wine, gathered friends, he endured accusation, pain, death and finally was buried. And at the time for all involved that was the end and what came next was greeted and has been greeted through time with a mixture of joy, confusion, belief and disbelief.

Jesus returned, bearing all the marks of his suffering, meeting those who knew him, helping them to understand and pointing us towards a new understanding. An understanding that pain and suffering don’t have to be the last word, that love and compassion find ways through and, really importantly for me, that I believe in a God who knows and doesn’t hide from both.

Easter Sunday and the singing of ‘alleluia’s’ give expression to the possibilities of this new understanding and hopefully to the desire to live in this hope, love and life.

Many of us, have times when we fall short of this hope, and yet the Easter story invites us to pick ourselves up and try again.

So however you mark Easter, may you experience something of the joy and life that the celebration offers to us. May you find some time this year to pause and rest and renew your spirit, we are all still living in a time of pandemic, and rest and renewal are important for us.

As we leave Lent behind, a reminder that the Easter season lasts for 50days, so plenty of time to relish the joy and life where you can find it. Do let me know how you will be celebrating this Easter to m.holland@newman.ac.uk
Happy Easter!
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