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Moving from college to university can be filled with so many emotions. It’s a very exciting time but can also be quite unsettling when your unsure of what to expect. Luckily there are things you can do to prepare for this new chapter in your life.

Look at the modules of your course and do some reading. A bit of insight is always good and it allows you to form opinions and to contribute to discussions. Independent research is a huge part of university so try to get as much knowledge as possible so subject matter will seem less overwhelming.

If you are moving away from home for the first time it may be exciting to come into this new found freedom but it’s important to remember it’s time to look after yourself, learning to cook and budget before you go will be helpful. And only bring the essentials with you as you may not have a lot of space.

Use social media to meet other students on your course. Remember that this is new to everybody and you are not the only person feeling nervous, getting to know fellow students will make the whole experience less scary as you will realise you are not alone. Also keep in touch with old friends even if they are not at the same university, as hearing familiar voices can be very comforting.

Try and find a balance between your studies and social life. I know this can be difficult with new friendships but try not to forget why you are at university in the first place and you will naturally find a way to balance the two. As you will be working more independently, you will have to take responsibility for your own workload and by being organised from the start, you will be able to free up more time to socialise knowing your work is already up to date.

Give yourself time to settle in and don’t expect too much too soon. University is a completely new experience and one to be enjoyed but if you are finding it difficult at first, don’t worry. It can take time for people to adapt and remember, there is a lot of support out there for you especially from the Students’ Union who will be able to help and point you in the right direction.

Many people say that university years are the best of their lives, so try to enjoy the experience and not get too overwhelmed at the beginning. Everything will fall into place, even if it takes a little more time for you than others.
– Maria Peach –


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