Award for Careers and Employability Case Study – Bethany Dixon

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The Award for Careers and Employability (ACE) will provide a foundation for students to cover the key skills in career management whilst studying at Newman University, enabling them to make decisions and implement personal, realistic and informed career choices

Here’s why Bethany decided to do the ACE:

“I chose to complete the Award for Careers and Employability (ACE) for two main reasons: the first reason being that I was struggling to decide on what to do after I had completed my degree. I was unsure what career path to take and the ACE was recommended to me so I could explore my options more thoroughly. The second reason was to further develop my employability skills and achievements, I was informed that the ACE would be something that would be recognised after I graduated and something that some employers would be interested in.

“After completing the bronze and silver levels of the ACE, I can confidently say that I got exactly what I was looking for from the programme. With the completion of the bronze and silver levels, I was finally able to decide on a post-graduate career path and aspects of the ACE helped me achieve the goals I needed to pursue that idea. Another benefit of the award was that I learned how to write a good CV and personal statement which I used to secure a place on a Master’s degree course.

“I enjoyed completing the tasks that helped me understand what kind of role would suit me best. These tasks involved taking personality tests and career tests which were interesting and different from the tasks I had completed before. I also enjoyed attending the online Zoom sessions and workshops throughout the programme.

“I felt very supported throughout and I was always able to ask any questions I had and received answers very quickly. There were also countless resources within the careers section of the Intranet, as well as on other websites which were provided to me such as Prospects.

“My advice for anyone looking to complete the ACE would be to complete all of the tasks provided and try to get through all three of the levels; bronze, silver, and gold. This helps you understand all of the options available to you. I would also recommend communicating with the staff as much as possible as they can answer your questions and even recommend other things you can do alongside the programme to make it even more beneficial, such as getting a progression coach or attending more Zoom workshops.

“I would recommend completing the ACE to anyone who is unsure of what they would like to do after graduation or even if you do already know, it is a good way to help you towards that goal, by improving your CV for example.”

Current students can self-enrol on the ACE through the pathways section on My Career. For further information please visit the ACE Internet page.


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