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Newman University is the gold standard for student support, with specialist teams attending to the needs of all students. Whether you are a mature student, a carer, identify as LGBTQ+, have a disability, specific learning difference, or long-term health issue, support is available from a range of highly-skilled staff. These include the Disability, Mental Health and Dyslexia Advisers, Learning Development Tutors, Academic Support Advisors, Welfare Adviser, Counsellor, Careers Advisers, and the Overseas Experience Co-ordinator. All the services are confidential and information is not shared with anyone outside of Student Support unless you ask for it to be.

The Disability and Mental Health and Dyslexia Services

This service supports students in a variety of ways, advising on support available for students with different needs. Further to this, financial advice and guidance for students about Disabled Students’ Allowances (DSA) is available. This team works incredibly hard to support both current students with disabilities and mental health difficulties, as well as applicants who experience these issues.

Academic Support Advisors

Academic Support Advisors are available to support all students who experience something that happens outside of their control which may affect their studies. They are able to advise on both academic and pastoral concerns, including how to apply for an extension to a coursework deadline or apply for mitigating circumstances to defer submissions or exams. They also signpost to other support services and can help you navigate University academic regulations and processes.

Learning Development Tutors

The team offer help with development your academic skills, either one-to-one or at a workshop focussing on a particular topic, like time-management or critical thinking. There are also student peer mentors to help with IT, Maths and Writing skills.

Welfare Advice

The Welfare Adviser provides advice and guidance about money or housing concerns, as well as range of other personal welfare issues.

There are several specialist support systems available for students in need of support surrounding family and home life. Support is available for care leavers in the form of guidance throughout their journey at Newman University, with advice on accommodation, bursaries, scholarships, and grants, as well as help settling in at the university. Additional to this is support available for students with children, students who are estranged from their family members, and students experiencing difficulties at home.

Support is available for student carers in a variety of circumstances.

Counselling Service

This service is confidential and aimed at addressing issues within a student’s emotional life, these issues may include trouble at home, grief, anxiety, depression, sexuality and eating disorders.

Careers Service

The Careers team offer guidance and support for students looking for work both in their time at university and as a graduate of Newman. With advice on the needs of employers, salary expectations and guidance in applying for opportunities, the service aims to help all students with their aims and accomplishments. Following this, the Employment Service advocates for The Higher Education Achievement Report which details the extra-curricular activities, volunteering an experience of each student.

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