Top 10 Clearing tips to help you find the right course

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Clearing is often seen to be a very daunting experience and thought to those applying to university, but this should not be the case. You can use clearing for many reasons; applying after the 30th June 2022, if you did not receive any offers or you did not meet the conditions of your offers. But if you are still uncertain about what to do during clearing, here are 10 top tips to help you find the right course.


  • Research in advance

Finding out what the entry requirements are for a course could never be easier, all you need to do is type the course and the university into the UCAS website. Doing this the day you get your results will cause more stress, so making a note of different universities and their contact details (as well as the entry requirements) as you go is the most useful thing to do


  • Being prepared

Before contacting any university on the day of Clearing, you need to make sure you have everything on hand to make it as easy as possible. These include your UCAS ID, total number of UCAS points you have gained, details of the subjects you have studied alongside the qualification level (eg, A-Level or BTEC or equivalent) as well as contact details.


  • Seeing what courses are available

Having an idea about what course you would like to study is a brilliant starting point for Clearing as you may find that a certain university does a joint honours programme with the subject you enjoy. However, you may find something completely different that you are interested in whilst doing research. Important things to look for include how the course is structured, what modules are available and is there a placement included within it.


  • Do not be afraid to ask questions

Even if you were not able to secure a place at your dream university or your first choice, this does not mean you need to take whatever is available. You still have the opportunity to ask questions about the course and about the university in general to make sure that you have all the information you need to make an informed decision


  • Contact the universities as soon as you can

As soon as you know you need to go through the Clearing process, it is important to start contacting institutions and trying to secure your place. This is because there will be competition for these places, and it also means that you can relax over the summer and start preparing in your own time.


  • Visiting the universities

Make the most of the open days that universities hold over the summer as this is your chance to be able to have a tour around and ask any questions. You can get a really good understanding about what a university is like when you go onto campus.


  • Speak to the right people

Try and speak to as many people from the university as possible. Most university websites have the option for Unibuddy, which means you can speak to students on the course you are interested in. Also, going onto campus on a visit allows you to do this all in one day as you will have access to admissions, accommodation, Student Union and other teams of people who you will come into contact with.


  • Remaining calm

Clearing is not designed to be stressful! All you need to do is prepare and be motivated to be able to get the end result you deserve. Stressing and panicking is not the answer and it does not get you any further, so taking it one step at a time and thinking logically is an important method when approaching Clearing.


  • Keeping an open mind

You might not get offered a place on the course at your ideal university straight away, and there might not be places on offer through clearing. There are many universities out there with thousands of courses on offer, so these should not be ruled out too quickly.


  • Time to celebrate!

Once you have gained the place through clearing, you should not forget to take time out and spend it with your family and friends to achieve this amazing milestone! You have got so far and you deserve to have fun and relax before the hard work begins again in September!