Are you ready for Welcome Week & Freshers?

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First of all, congratulations on getting here! Now, it’s time to enjoy Welcome Week and Freshers! This week is a great opportunity to meet new people, explore the university, settle into your new home if you are staying with us and have fun. We’ve put together our top tips on how to make the most of this week:


Talk to people:

One of the most important parts of Welcome Week is talking to people, whether that is new friends, staff members or anyone! It seems scary, but the only way to make friends is by talking to people. Everyone is in a similar boat and all new to the university and looking forward to making friends. Some of the first friends that you make will be during this week could be your best friend for life.

If you are living on campus, try not to shut yourself away in your room whilst everyone else gets to know each other, get out there and introduce yourself! Try keeping your door open or help other move in, by being friendly in the first few days you will start seeing the awkwardness ease away.


Eating and shopping:

After a long day of lecturers, the last thing you need is coming home to an empty fridge. Try going to a supermarket in the evening or get all your flatmates and go on a big shop together. Big, less frequent food shops are the best idea, as buying in bulk costs a lot less than daily trips to the local express store, and it means you always have something to eat at home.


Freshers Fair:

Make the most out of Welcome Week and Freshers Fair! This is your chance to take a look at everything Newman University has to offer. Spend time walking around all the stalls and grab the freebies. Each event during Welcome Week is free to go to, so take this as an opportunity to learn as much as possible.


Staying safe:

If you’re going to go on a night out, make sure you have people you trust around you. Travel together and stick together whilst out in pubs or clubs. If you’re out late, travel back with friends on trusted transport. If you’re drinking, eat before you head out and drink plenty of water when you get back home – this will help with a hangover!

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