English or Applied Writing Degree?

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What is English

English is an established degree programme for students interested in how language and literature shape the world that we live in. English graduates leave University with the ability to work in education, project management, media, marketing, human resources, and any profession that requires skills in analysis, communication, and collaboration. The course focuses on literature from diverse authors and time periods, including novels, short stories, poetry, and experimental writing. Students also study the structure and use of language and how language impacts the ways people understand themselves and others in the social world. Students learn to read texts closely, discuss and debate their opinions, and present their ideas.

Studying English at Newman University

The programme has a strong emphasis on helping students find their own interests and passions, and supporting them to explore different ways of identifying and discussing key issues in their lives. Students have the opportunity to read and write about a range of historical and contemporary texts, and learn how to discuss the importance of literature and language on the way people experience and understand the world. Students develop a range of communication and project management skills and learn to confidently write, speak, and lead others in collaborative work environments.

What is Applied Writing

Applied Writing is an innovative degree programme for students interested in writing, creativity and content creation. It’s a flexible course that will equip you with the tools and skills you need for a wide range of roles, professions and workplaces including media and journalism, business and entrepreneurship, social media communications, creative industries, education and teaching, the charity sector, and professional writing. The course focuses on digital, visual and artistic communication, as well as traditional writing.

Studying Applied Writing at Newman University

The programme has a strong emphasis on helping students to develop their own unique style and voice. Students will have the opportunity to write about causes they care about, applying their creative skills to important social issues. Students will also undertake project-based modules that allow them to develop and showcase their employment skills as they identify and examine issues that affect our world. These projects will allow students to cultivate a network of connections for the future, whilst putting their writing skills into practice.

-Written by Stephen Pihlaja & Jai Mackenzie-


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