Student Voice – Why I chose Newman University

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BA (Hons) Early Childhood Studies & PGCE Primary Teacher Training
Alumni student Faiza has been reflecting on her studies at Newman University. She studied with us between 2015-2018 achieving a first class degree and returned in 2020 to complete her PGCE in Primary Teaching.

“Thanks to the support of the Early Childhood Team, I achieved my first class degree. I also attended lots of Library workshops and thank the staff there for helping with referencing and checking my work for grammar. I utilised all the services available to me and it really helped me on our career journey.

My PGCE was all online due to the Covid-19 pandemic. I qualified a year later and attended my graduation in November 2021.

Newman was the third University I started at. I left college at applied to do Nursing but didn’t get accepted. I started at another local University on the Early Childhood course but didn’t like it, the big campus and lack of support was not there. I completed one year with them then took a gap year as I still wanted to be a nurse. After lots of voluntary work and a year out, I applied again for nursing but still didn’t get accepted. I then went to a different University to study Psychology. I didn’t enjoy my time here at all and it didn’t feel like the right fit for me. But then, in 2015 I started at Newman who transferred my credits from my first year on Early Childhood Studies elsewhere. I feel fortunate that I got to take the year out and try the different universities to know this is where I belonged.

During my Undergraduate studies, I also worked as a Student Ambassador, I loved it! I also got to continue working part time at my job in Nandos and with an SEND school (3 jobs!). I really enjoyed being an ambassador in particular working with the Aim Higher team. It was great to work with young people and encourage them into Higher Education. Now as a supply teacher I’ve had opportunities to work with young people in PRU settings.

What I enjoyed most about Newman was how friendly everyone was. It made the experience worthwhile. I spent a lot of time in the library as I procrastinate at home so would come into the library on my days off to do readings and assignments.

I am proud to have achieved a first class degree here. I never thought I would be able to achieve such a high qualification, and being able to continue my studies and become a teacher. It was all worth it!

For anyone thinking about coming to Newman University, I would say don’t think twice! You attend University to get a degree. I came away with a higher achievement than I ever expected and I have the University to thank for that. I worked hard, but the support offered by tutors was really fantastic. I event remember the ‘open door policy’.”

– Written by Faiza –


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