Policing students speak with professional to support their studies

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Over the last few weeks, the students have been learning about the importance of supporting victims and witnesses.

They have met with a West Midlands police officer who was able to explain the wide range of special steps that can be taken to support witnesses and to assist them through the justice process.

They have had an input from a representative from the cyber crime unit who was able to test their knowledge on internet crime and security and the steps that can be taken to protect themselves and others around this fast growing area of crime.

The students have recently had an input from officers from the Homicide Unit who specialise in the handling of exhibits and the disclosure process. The presentation was very interesting and was an opportunity for the students to ask questions about how the theory that they had been taught could be applied to real life scenarios. It was an opportunity for the students to meet serving officers and police staff and get a feel for the career that they are aiming for.

We had a visit from an experienced former detective and senior investigating officer who gave an in-depth presentation with accompanying timeline around the investigation of a complex murder enquiry. The presentation highlighted a number of practical obstacles that had to be addressed, the competing pressures from a range of sources and the decision-making process. The investigation also highlighted a number of police shortcomings that have since been addressed on both a local and national basis. Our policing students were joined by students from a range of disciplines due to the nature of the presentation.

Our Policing have had a busy few weeks but are having invaluable input from sources in the area who can provide the best support to these students outside the University.
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