Applied Writing senior lecturer releases a new book – Connected Parenting: Digital discourse and diverse family practices

Published by Becky Guest on

Connecting Parenting book cover
Dr. Jai Mackenzie, Senior Lecturer in Applied Writing and Humanities, has published her second monograph, Connected Parenting, based on her research with UK parents in non-traditional families.

The book explores the role of digital media for parents in diverse family groups. Its central message is that connection is the defining force in these parents’ social and support networks. Jai argues that connected parenting has significant socio-emotional benefits, yet may support a shift of responsibility, from state and institution to individuals and small communities, as well as masking (but not resolving) some of the problems faced by marginalised family groups. These findings have significant implications for institutional family policy, priorities and guidelines.

Connected Parenting has been described as ‘brilliantly showcase[ing] the power of discourse analysis to inform our understanding of how people communicate, support each other and get things done… the book explores the implications of parents’ digital practices for what it means to be a ‘family’ in contemporary society’ (Caroline Tagg, Open University). It develops ‘an insightful and inclusive theory of connected parenting which makes a critical contribution to multiple fields concerned with parenting practices’ (Michele Zappavigna, University of New South Wales).

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