Newman senior lecturer publishes book on ‘Stool Withholding: A practical guide for parents’

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Dr Kate McGarry

Dr. Kate McGarry, Senior Lecturer in Psychology has published her first book, Stool Withholding: A practical guide for parents, after gaining first-hand experience of this condition with her eldest child. Utilising her research skills and knowledge of developmental psychology, Dr McGarry has developed a three stage practical approach to tackling stool withholding. The book incorporates research conducted on stool withholding, the current NICE and ERIC recommended guidelines for treatment, in addition to also providing a deeper insight into the psychological, behavioural and sensory issues that underpin stool withholding. Dr McGarry hopes that sharing this approach will help other families and children facing this challenge.

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You can access Stool Withholding: A practical guide for parents via the following link: