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Table at Newman University with booklets
Working with Children

Can writing retreats develop students’ writing practices?

Last week, I introduced the idea of writing retreats for students studying on the BA (Hons) Working with Children, Young People and Families programme. Writing retreats are a popular tool used by academics to escape to a quiet place with like-minded colleagues and concentrate on producing a piece of writing

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Student Ambassadors on campus

The Life of a Student Ambassador

Newman University Criminology BA (Hons) student Ellie Brace, discusses what it’s like to be a Student Ambassador at Newman. She talks about the activities she’s been involved in since her time as an Ambassador and why she enjoys the role so much. “After being at the university for two years

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International Day of Reflection on the 1994 Rwandan Genocide poster

International Day of Reflection on the 1994 Rwanda Genocide

April 7th is International Day of Reflection on the 1994 Rwandan Genocide which resulted in the death of over 800,000 people, nearly all of whom were Tutsis, targeted because of their ethnicity, by Hutu soldiers and civilians. Genocide is an international crime where victims are killed or caused serious harm

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Sums on board

Calculus without Calculus

With exams fast approaching, Newman University’s Senior Lecturer and Course Leader in Mathematics, Andrew Toon discuses a simple idea to help our Mathematics students determine the derivative of any function using the algebra of what are called dual numbers instead of using the many rules of differentiation. “As some of

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Police car with flashing lights

Bringing Professional Policing to Newman University

In 2016, the College of Policing, the regulatory body responsible for standards and education in policing, introduced the Police Education Qualifications framework (PEQF) to develop academic programmes for the 43 police services in England and Wales. This incorporated the requirement to obtain an undergraduate Degree in Professional Policing in order

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Robot holding broken heart

Divorce Day: The Law is Changing!

Divorce law as we know it is changing! 6th April 2022 or ‘Divorce Day’ as it has been commonly termed recently, is nearly upon us. The Divorce, Dissolution and Separation Act 2020 brings about major changes for divorce law in England and Wales however, these key changes do not come

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Credit Card in someone's hand

Are factors influencing a purchase decision always economic?

Head of Business Programmes at Newman University Taimur Sharif, discusses whether factors influencing a purchase decision are always economic. We often focus too heavily on economic factors (e.g., product price) while analysing major influencers of consumer decision-making on potential purchases in various industries. For example, in the tourism industry, it’s

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Theology and Philosophy at Newman – Student Case Study

Hear from our third-year student Jess Muxlow on her experience studying Theology and Philosophy at Newman during Covid, and what makes this course so unique. “I am just entering the third year of my degree in Theology and Philosophy after a year of studying from home. Due to the Coronavirus

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