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British money

The source of inflation that often goes unnoticed.

In my previous blog, I discussed how inflation is typically measured and why interest rate is raised to handle the inflationary pressure, as part of the monetary policy of a central bank. Today, I intend to discuss the common causes of inflation and then focus on one of the root

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Newman University student holding money (coins) in hand

The cost of living and managing your student finances

“Studying at university offers so many amazing opportunities such as learning new skills in a subject you love, gaining new experiences and broadening your mind. It also pushes you into the world of financial independence. “Depending on your lifestyle and any financial commitments you might have, your cost of living

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Student Finance Top Tips

Our very own student Anmbrin who has been through the finance application process herself provides you with her top tips. Applying to study at university can be a daunting time with so many forms and such little time. It can seem so complicated, with you feeling as though you are

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Student with £10 note in hand

Student Finance

There are two main costs when thinking about your degree programme: Tuition Fees – cost of the course Between £6,000- £9,250 Maintenance costs – cost of living Think about your accommodation, travel, food and course materials. Tuition Fee Loan Covers all of the student’s tuition fees (£6,000-£9,250) Non-means tested and

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How to find your accommodation during Clearing

Searching for a place to live when going to uni can be stressful, even more so if you didn’t get the grades you were hoping for or changed your mind on the uni / course you want to study and found yourself in Clearing. However, finding and applying for accommodation

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5 easy ways to budget at university

You may have chosen to live at home whilst studying or move away and live independently for the first time when you begin your time at University, but whichever option you choose it’s important to learn how to budget. University might be the first time you have received a large

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