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Ryan Johnson

In the words of Newman University alumni Ryan Johnson

Ryan Johnson is a recent graduate of Newman University, originally studying BA (Hons) Business Management with us, Ryan went on to complete his MBA, graduating in 2020. Ryan shares with us his journey since leaving Newman. “Where have the past three months gone? In fact, where have the past 18

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Eid Mubarak by Student Saleha

Many of us celebrating Eid have had a difficult year, where we can’t celebrate Eid with families because of Covid-19 rules or because families live so far away and we need to stay local, but remember we are strong and we will overcome this. May Allah (God) accept your Ramadan

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Student Wesley

Studying Drama at Newman

I joined Newman University in September 2016 to study Drama after leaving Sixth Form, withdrawing from another university after 2 weeks, then working for a year in my Secondary School / Sixth Form in various departments. Now 5 years on since I got offered my place at Newman I want

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Real student stories

In the words of Saleha

Saleha tells us all about her experience of studying at Newman University. “I heard about Newman University from workshops that I had at my previous College. I found the enrolment process easy. “I study Working with Children, Young People and Families BA (Hons) “The reason why I chose to study

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Studying a degree as a mature student

Karen is a student but also part-time staff member at the university working in the Sanctuary. Karen wanted to share her story on studying as a mature student. My entry into University is very unique  I was working full time in a primary school and was on long term sickness

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