Student Health

Before you arrive at Newman it’s good to ensure that your immunisations are up to date. Use our handy health checklist to make sure you’re up to date before starting university.

Your Health Checklist

  • Check you are up to date with your immunisations including polio, tetanus, meningitis ACWY and MMR (measles, mumps, rubella), especially if you are due to be on placement in schools 
  • Make an appointment for any vaccinations required prior to the start of your course
  • If you haven’t already had your Covid vaccination, please consider this before joining Newman. More information about COVID can be found here: Coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccination – NHS (
  • Read the information provided by the NHS about student health before you begin at university

If you are relocating to Birmingham for University, it is very important to register with a local doctor (GP) because:

  • It is much more difficult to access healthcare urgently if you start to feel unwell and are not registered with a GP at university
  • It is not recommended to try to drive or get public transport to your home town if you feel sick or are in pain
  • If you need regular access to a GP to support your mental health difficulty or a physical health condition, it will be much easier to fit this around your University schedule if your GP is local
  • If you require further treatment and are not registered with a local GP, you may not be able to choose to receive this treatment near university

Please note you can’t be registered with two GPs simultaneously, so you can’t stay registered with your current GP and a new one in Birmingham, however, you can still see your family GP when you go back home as a visiting patient.

Finding a Local Dentist or GP

It is extremely easy to register with a GP local to the university, simply visit Jiggins Lane Medical Centre. Alternatively, to find a local GP or Dentist, please visit the NHS website.

If you require health advice, you can call the non-emergency NHS service on 111 or visit their website.

LFD Tests

To ensure that we are able to keep campus open and a safe place for all, every student is expected to take two LFD tests (two or three days apart) in the week before arriving on campus for the autumn term. If you receive a positive result you must get a confirmatory PCR test and not come to campus while you wait for the result.

You are also required to take two LFD tests (two or three days apart) during your first week on campus. This applies to students who commute to Newman and students who live in university owned accommodation.

LFD tests are free and anyone, including applicants and students, can get hold of LFD tests by ordering them for free from or collecting them from a variety of places in their local community such as pharmacies, supermarkets and train stations. Free LFD tests are also available for collection for students from the Newman University security office. Finally you can also book free LFD tests at Newman University. These take place at the onsite asymptomatic test site in the gym in the Elgar building.

You need to report all LFD test results (positive, negative and void) through the national LFD test reporting website.

If you require health advice, you can call the non-emergency NHS service on 111 or visit their website.