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Many congratulations for getting onto a Foundation Year course at Newman University in September 2019.

Students have told us that meeting peers, teaching staff and navigating the campus early on helps students on their Higher Education journey through building confidence and lasting friendships. So, to help with this, we have designed a ‘Step Into Newman’ day.

This day has been designed specifically to support students settling into Newman and provide them with an early opportunity to meet fellow students coming to Newman via a Foundation Year route in September 2019. You’ll also meet students who have just completed the year so you can quiz them about what to expect too.

Book your place on the Step into Newman registration page. 

Any questions? Please email Sarah Parkes at

You might find that the teaching and learning on the foundation year is not what you expected. You might have thought university would be someone at the front of a classroom giving a ‘lecture’ i.e. giving you information, which you would write down. Then at some point you would be required to regurgitate this information back in the form or an essay or exam to show that you understood. You would then promptly forget this information to make room for the next bit of knowledge you are meant to ‘learn’.  Especially in this day and age, you can quickly access what we could give you in terms of information via the internet in seconds – so what’s the point of that?

Some of your experience of education may need to be unlearnt, so let’s work on new ways of thinking about education together. For us, education and this degree is about you becoming critical thinkers as that is what it takes to undertake a degree. We want to create dialogical and democratic spaces in which we can all discuss and debate topics. This will hopefully inspire you to go and find out more. We won’t tell you what is right, for there is rarely an agreed ‘right’. Some facts that were ‘known’ about crime and criminal justice 100 years ago are now discredited.  Sometimes you will know more than we do, and we will acknowledge this and let you educate us. This means you can challenge us as lecturers, and each other, and even change what we are learning. It is all too easy for all of us to fall back into being a consumer of knowledge. We want to create knowledge together.

We will provide you with a resource pack when you arrive in Welcome week but in the meantime you might want to consider looking at this website:

also have a listen to some of these podcasts

Apart from that if you could think about a piece of writing you like and bring it to your tutor group, it could be a book, something from a newspaper or even a poem or song – just something that has moved you in some way.

If you have any questions, please email Emma Folwell, Head of Foundation Years