The following information is for enrolment for all courses apart from Teacher Training courses (PGCE, School Direct and Undergraduate ITE).

How to enrol online

Before you begin your programme, you must enrol as a student at Newman University.

You will be required to complete an online enrolment task prior to arriving at the University. This will be launched in the week beginning 2nd September. If you have met all of your conditions of entry you will be sent a notification email that the enrolment task is ready for you to complete via the admissions portal.

Once enrolled, you will be sent your login details and ID card, which can then be used to access your timetable, Moodle, and Newman email ready for the start of your course.

Please be aware that in most cases you will not see your course modules on Moodle until the first day of teaching. If you are still not able to access your module pages on Moodle after your first day of teaching, please speak with your course tutor.

For the majority of students, you will be able to complete your enrolment online. However, there are some courses e.g. teacher training, where you will still need to enrol in person. For these courses, enrolment will be part of your welcome week timetable.

Please note that it is a requirement for all international students to enrol in person. If this applies to you, we will let you know a scheduled enrolment session to attend.

Here is the process outlined in more detail, including advice on what you can do now to get ready, and a video tutorial to watch showing how to complete the online enrolment task.

Before Enrolment:

You will receive an email confirming your enrolment date. Before enrolment make sure you can log into your applicant portal and read the photo guidelines. Read the photo guidelines, which can be found in the FAQs below and create your photo ready to upload. 


On the date your online enrolment opens you will receive an email with a link to the applicant portal. You will be asked to check that the information we hold is correct, confirm tuition fee liability, sign up to the University’s regulations declarations and to also upload a photo.

Enrolment Complete:

Once your have completed online enrolment and your photo has been approved, your ID card and student login will be sent to you. This will take around five working days.

Student Login and ID Received:

Once you have received your student login and ID card, login to MyNewman. You will need to reset your password before logging in for the first time.

View our helpful enrolment video:

Pre-enrolment FAQs

It is important that before online enrolment you check that you are able to login and can access your online Applicant portal. If you are unable to log in to your Applicant portal please contact IT Support 0121 476 1181 ext. 2293.

To make your online enrolment as soon as possible we recommend having a suitable picture ready before beginning online enrolment.

  • Your photo must show your full head and be against a plain background, there should be no other objects or people in the picture.
  • You should face forward and look straight at the camera.
  • The file should be in JPG format.
  • The file size should not exceed 20KB and the dimensions should be 150 pixels wide and 200 pixels high. You may find useful for editing your photo to the specification above.

If your photo is not suitable, we will email you and ask you to reload your photo in the correct format. This will delay you receiving your student login and ID card.

Online enrolment will open on specific dates for different courses. This date will be confirmed in the email you receive before enrolment. The email will be sent to the email address you provided in your application, if you are not receiving our emails please check your spam folder before contacting the Registry Support Team 0121 483 2216 or