Accommodation Induction

Welcome to Newman University from the Accommodation and Hall Tutors Team . To learn more about the team who are here to assist and support you during your time in halls of residence, please see the introductory videos and read the useful information.

You will find information about looking after the health and safety of yourself and others whilst you are living on campus and also regarding registering at Jiggin’s Lane Medical Centre.

Please contact the Accommodation Team if you require any advice or assistance regarding living in halls of residence. Please contact us as follows:


Phone: 0121 483 2219 or 0121 483 2223

If you wish to arrange a meeting via Zoom, Skype or in person, please contact us to make an appointment, we would normally be able to meet you the same day if necessary.     

Introductions from the Accommodation Team

Introductions from the Halls Team