What will classes be like?

Classes are usually known as lectures or seminars at university. Lectures typically involve an academic sharing information with a class whilst a seminar involves more discussion around a topic.

Interactive Teaching

You may think that University is all about sitting in large lecture halls listening to your lecturer as you make notes. Not at Newman.

At Newman we do things differently! We value your thoughts and opinions and we want to hear what you have to say.

Our classes are interactive, with smaller numbers of students and teaching rooms designed to encourage collaborative working. You will find yourself working in groups with classmates to explore new ideas and sharing these ideas with other students and your lecturer.

Getting to know your lecturers

You’ll hear this many times over the course of your time at Newman and then you’ll probably find
yourself saying it too.

“You are not just a number; the lecturers really do know you by name.”

Classes are personal and lecturers will find time to speak with you not only in classes but will stop to have a chat outside of classes too. Whether its course related or something completely different, your lecturers are always happy to speak with you.

You’ll work with your lecturers in classes to explore ideas and create new knowledge and you’ll learn about their interests too.

The aim of your classes

The aim of your classes at Newman are to allow you to express yourself and gain the confidence to communicate powerfully and eloquently.

Newman wants to see you graduate as a confident, informed and well-grounded person, capable of making real change in your own life and in wider society.

Your attendance

You may be asked to register your attendance in class via the SEAtS app. At the moment the app is still in the pilot stage, and is due to be rolled out to all courses and students by 2020.

SEAtS app explanation

Learn more about why the SEAtS App is useful: