Making the most of your University experience

The advice that you might be receiving a lot now you’ve decided to go to university is ‘make the most of it!’ and although you’ve probably heard it a million times from friends, teachers and family, it is actually something that is worth taking on board.

For many students, University is the first time they’ll truly feel independent, a time where they feel they can reinvent themselves and a time to just try new things.

In order to make the most of your experience whilst at University we have some top tips for you to follow:

  • Enjoy your learning
    University is great because, as well as the core modules, you have a choice of optional modules so you can really tailor your learning. You can choose modules based on your interests, so make sure you do this! Don’t choose a module just because your friend is doing it, choose it because it’s something you enjoy and feel passionate about.
  • Take advantage of other opportunities
    There are a number of volunteering projects available to students as well as paid opportunities such as working as a Student Ambassador. You can also study abroad as part of the Erasmus scheme. Take a look at your options and see if there is anything you feel you would benefit from. Sometimes, doing things that make you feel nervous is a good thing, you might grow in confidence and learn new skills.
  • Take care of yourself!
    Your health is extremely important so it’s always good to look after yourself, both physically and mentally.
    Exercise: Try to join the University gym, walk or cycle rather than getting the bus or driving – you could even get off the bus a couple of stops earlier and walk the rest of the way if you live further away. Exercise releases endorphins which have a positive impact on our mental health.
    Get enough sleep: Sleep is vital when studying, so even if you think staying up all night to write an essay is productive, if you’re running on a lack of sleep it’s probably not.
    Eat healthily: eating the right foods can help you concentrate for longer and be more productive. Eating fast food or junk food can often make you feel lethargic and lose concentration.
  • Ask for help when needed
    There is nothing wrong in asking for help when you need it. Whether that’s help with a personal circumstance or with your studies, there will always be a friendly face available to lend an ear and talk things through. Worrying about something by yourself can take time away from doing things that would make your University experience even better.
  • Make the most of your placement
    Completing a placement as part of your undergraduate degree is an extremely valuable experience. Make sure you complete your placement at somewhere you are genuinely interested in and at a company that you could potentially see yourself working. Ask questions whilst on your placement and learn as much as you possibly can – it’s all about being more employable!
  • Make new friends
    The friendships you build at University often last for many years after you graduate. You go through all the things that being a student throws at you together and you can share your experiences with others. Knowing you have friends to talk to both about your studies or something completely unrelated helps make University a great place to be. See our tips for Making friends.
  • Most importantly, HAVE FUN!
    University is more often than not, a once in a lifetime opportunity. Studying something you enjoy, surrounded by your friends and being able to focus on yourself and what you want to do is a great thing! Enjoy it. Once you’ve graduated we bet you’ll say “that went too quick!”