Staying safe at University

It’s important to make sure you that you and your friends remain safe whilst at University. Newman has a number of ways to help you remain safe whilst studying including access to our Student Support services and 24-hour security staff on campus who can provide advice and signpost to other resources.

Here are our top tips for you to follow to ensure that you remain safe whilst studying:

          Personal Safety

          1. Make sure your mobile is charged and able to make calls in case of any emergencies
          2. Make sure you know where the Security Lodge is and have their number to hand if you need it. 0121 476 1181 ext. 2358.
          3. Be aware of your surroundings – try not to walk with headphones in or looking down at your phone
          4. Note the Police non-emergency number of 101, this can be used to report things such as damaged property, vehicle theft or suspicious activity
          5. Do not be afraid to ring 999 in an emergency situation

          Your valuables

          1. Always keep your valuables with you – don’t leave things unattended in the library, whilst on public transport or in any
            communal areas
          2. Ensure that you have appropriate insurance for your belongings


          1. Take care of your keys and swipe card and if you lose either report them as soon as possible
          2. If you are living in private accommodation always ensure you rent from accredited landlords and complete an inventory list when you move in


          1. When travelling to or from home, plan your journey so you don’t get caught out by missing the last bus or train and keep your belongings with you whilst travelling
          2. Always use either a licenced black cab or pre-booked private hire taxis and ensure that the car which arrives is the one you were told – check the registration plate or taxi licence number
          3. Always try to travel with friends after a night out, especially if you have been drinking

          Online Safety

          1. Online friends – if you plan to meet up with someone you have met online for the first time ensure that you tell at least one other person about your plans and try to keep them updated throughout the day
          2. Keep your computer up to date with antivirus software, software updates and firewalls
          3. Take care when opening emails from people you don’t know
          4. Never give your details out via email such as your pin number or passwords
          5. Never leave your computer unattended whilst logged in – always lock it if you’re leaving it
          6. Choose strong passwords – 3 random words is the government guideline for making a strong password
          There is a useful video produced by West Midlands Regional Cyber Crime Unit about Cyber Security Awareness, view video.

          Staying safe on nights out

          1. Remember to drink responsibly
          2. Don’t pre-drink excessively, you might think you’re saving money at the time but you’ll be sure to regret it the next day
          3. Never feel pressured into drinking if you don’t want to – it’s your choice and your choice only and there are plenty of other activities to enjoy whilst at university
          4. Drink lots of water before going to bed – you’ll thank yourself the next day
          5. Go out in a group and stay in a group – don’t come home alone
          6. Never leave your drink unattended

          For more tips and information visit the West Midlands Police Safer
          Students website